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Fix issue with missing photos when connecting iphone to windows

5 November 2023 - Thomas Damgaard


Check iCloud Photos: If you use iCloud Photos, it’s possible the photos are stored in iCloud and not on the device. If this is the case, you won’t see them when you connect your device to your computer. You’d need to download them from or use the iCloud for Windows software to access them on your computer.

Longer explanation

I recently connected an iPhone to a Windows computer in order to import photos to the pc. The DCIM folder on the iPhone device appeared empty (despite there being plenty photos on the iPhone).

I searched the web for a solution and found many fixes that did not work, including:

Neither of these worked.

Working fix: Disable iCloud Photos

The actual issue was that the iPhone was configured to store photos on iCloud. When storing photos in iCloud, appearently the iPhone refuses to reveal the photos to the pc.

I could then go to icloud to download all the photos from there. However, for some reason the download form iCloud did not contain all the photos.

So I fixed it this way:

After this, connect the iPhone to the pc using an USB cable. Now the photos should be visible in the DCIM folder.

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