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Increase keyboard repeat rate to more than Keyboard Settings in Windows Control Panel allows

4 January 2023 - Thomas Damgaard

In order to set the keyboard repeat rate in Windows 10, you have to open Keyboard Properties in Control Panel.

In Keyboard Properties, there is a Speed tab with the settings: Repeat delay and Repeat rate. Each have a slider that go from “Long” to “Short” and “Slow” to “Fast” respectively.

Setting the Repeat rate to “Fast” on my machine results in approx. 30 keystrokes per second. This is way too slow for me.

The way to increase the keyboard repeat rate to more than the Control Panel max value is to edit Windows Registry.

  1. Open the Registry Editor, regedit
  2. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Response
  3. Set the following values:
    • AutoRepeatDelay = 200
    • AutoRepeatRate = 10
    • Flags = 59
  4. Log out and back in; or reboot the machine

Now the keyboard repeat rate should be approx. 60-70 repeats per second.

Setting AutoRepeatRate to a lower value increases the repeat rate.

I find that a value between 6 and 10 is good.

Note that this will enable the Windows Accessibility option Filter Keys. This results in a small stopwatch icon in Systray.


I have verified that this works in Windows 10. But I would guess it works in most Windows version.

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