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Make MacOS hosted Minecraft games visible over LAN

9 October 2022 - Thomas Damgaard

When hosting a Minecraft game on MacOS non-MacOS clients such as Windows or Linux clients will typically not be able to see the game.

This is due to the fact that Minecraft on MacOS binds to IPv6 by default and not IPv4. While Minecraft on Windows or Linux seems to only be able to discover games on IPv4.

Follow these steps to make your MacOS hosted Minecraft game visible for other IPv4 clients on the LAN:

  1. Start Minecraft Launcher
  2. Open Installations
  3. Edit Installation
  4. More Options
  5. JVM Arguments
  6. Add:

Now start the game and open it to LAN.

The clients should now be able to see the game and connect to it.

If they still cannot see it, have the clients connect directly using the server’s IP address and port.

This address and port is visible in the in-game chat by pressing T.

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